Systems and Machinery

When working with this partnership, we are an extension of your in-house design and manufacturing team.  We not only pride ourselves on technical precision, but also our response time as well.  With expertise in sound project administration, machine design and integration, the partners do not just deliver value to our customers but to create some of the most exceptional machinery in operation.  We manage our vendors carefully and get down to the nuts and bolts of your operational requirements.

From Navigation Lock Gate Machinery to all Monel K-500 subsea actuators, we have received positive feedback for assembly detail and flawless operational performance.                                                                                                            


Hydraulic Cylinders

Custom built cylinders are design and manufactured by INSYSMA.  Our machining center affiliate can machine and hone bore diameters up to 70 inches and rod stroke projections up to 720 inches.  Shop overhead or mobile cranes can handle up to 200 tons.  Expertise in utilizing a wide range of pressure vessel grade materials, such as high strength steel alloys and stainless steels.  Pressures up to 10,000 PSI (700 bar). Application specific seal packages for rod and piston by manufacturers such as Trelleborg TSS or Hallite Seals International.  Cylinder construction optimized for weight against structural and pressure Factor of Safety.  INSYSMA typically uses the guidelines of ASME BPVC Section VIII to ensure proper joint feature geometry, vessel thicknesses and FoS.

Typical Applications:

  • Civil Engineering (AASHTO Specifications)
  • Offshore
  • Military & NAVSEA
  • Dredging
  • Mining, Recycling & Demolition
  • Servo-Cylinder for Material Testing 

Cylinder Mounts

We realize that in most applications we do not have the luxury of interface control.  Therefore we generally require a fit and function analysis to ensure proper cylinder counting and to limit misalignments between cylinder body and coupled structure.  INSYSMA can design and fabricate unique or standard mounts using variety of materials, components and joints.  Using the best design tools, we take environment, static and/or cyclic loading, geometry, and vibration into consideration.

Typical Cylinder Mounts:

  • Trunnion Pin Mount
  • Swivel Box Mount
  • Double Gimbal Box Mount
  • Flange or Plate Mount
  • Clevis Mount
  • Spherical Mount
GimbalsBaseInspection2 (1).jpg


Hydraulic Power Systems

INSYSMA will customize your Hydraulic Power System (HPS) design utilizing years of experience in specifying proper reservoir size, cooling, variable or fixed displacement pumps, filtration, valves, manifolds, piping and flanges.  Our HPS designs incorporate features, such as In-tank pumps and isolation dampeners, to lower noise and harmful vibration.  We are not distributors of Hydraulic components and therefore not constrained to any given product line.  However, since our principal partners come from a distribution background we understand the best products available and will provide competitive pricing.

Typical Component Manufacturers:

  • Bosch Rexroth Proportional Valves
  • Bosh Rexroth A Series Piston Pumps
  • Sun Hydraulic Cartridge Valves & Manifolds
  • Moog Servo and Servo Proportional Valves
  • Moog RKP II Radial Piston Pumps
  • Atos UL & ATEX Explosion Proof & Stainless Steel Valves


Mechanical Integration with PLC and Motion Controls

INSYSMA works with TekThink Engineering ( to provide the highest quality software controls integration.  We think it is important to offer this service to our customers due to the fact that on most projects software programmers are the "last people in, and last ones out".  INSYSMA can provide soup-to-nuts system integration, with Factory Acceptance Testing to Site Acceptance Testing.  We can specify an commercially available PLCs as well as customized control solutions, such as:

  • Rockwell Automation ControlLogix PLC, HMI & Motor Control Centers for local industrial Supervisory Control
  • Delta RMC Tools & Axis Motion Controllers for Single or Multi-Axis Hydraulic Actuator motion profiles
  • Phoenix Contract Fieldbus Communication Products
  • National Instruments (Labview) Real Time/Deterministic embedded, FPGA and Process Control Products for data acquisition and test stand software development
  • Customized software & circuit board design for Industrial, Aerospace, Test & Military/NASA GSE applications.

We have experience supporting system level software integration for many types of applications:

  • Launch Vehicle Ground Support Equipment for heavy lift operations
  • Single Fault or Redundancy for Flight Hardware & Ground based Pressure Vessel per Air Force Specifications Manual (AFSPECMAN) 91-710 v3
  • Material test apparatus servo-control retrofits
  • Complimenting plant Hydraulic Power Units for any type of press, brake, hydraulic motor, processing or production machinery
  • Lock Miter Gate, Tainter and Culvert Valve actuator feedback and servo/proportional controls
  • Flood Gate Emergency Control Systems.
  • Movable Bridge Electronic Control Systems

Waycon sensor prep 2.jpg

Cylinder Rod Position Measurement Technology

INSYSMA offers several rod position measurement technologies.  Position feedback can be conditioned and fed into control loop via analog or digital signal.  INSYSMA can position sensors in cylinder via rod gun-drilling, external mount or a custom configured "dummy" outrigger cylinder.

Typical Sensor Technologies:

  • Linear Displacement Transducers such as MTS R-Series or Baluff Magnetostrictive Sensors.
  • Draw Wire Sensors such as the Waycon SX300 Series
  • Microwave Sensors for Offshore applications such as Astyx - Communication and Sensor GmbH
  • Inductive Proximity Sensors such as Emerson GO Switch
  • Connectors for Offshore and Subsea by Teledyne Marine
  • Absolute Rotary Encoders - ATEX or UL Ex-Proof Environments, Washdown, and harsh environments requiring ingress protection

Metallurgy, Coatings, Surface Finishes & Welding

Structural failures are not an option.  Whether it be pressure vessel rated materials or high strength steel alloys, we cannot allow improperly specified materials or faulty welds to ship out to customers.  Therefore, our standard design and fabrication quality assurance practices dictate:

  • component level parts undergo rigid analysis to ensure suitable yield and tensile FoS, deflection, ductility, and geometrically dependent stresses
  • raw metals are sourced from reputable mills with source inspection of Mill Test Reports.
  • extra material provided for each batch of raw materials.  Customer can ask for and we will prepare a sample and send to a third party laboratory  for chemical composition analysis and mechanical testing.
    • Tensile, yield, elongation, Charpy V-notch, rupture and toughness  
  • Welding procedures composed and qualified by board certified Weld Engineer, such as Skarborn Engineering.  The fabrication shop can comply with all applicable industry standards such as AWS/CWB.  Our design and fabrication team has extensive experience with designing and welding for ASME B31.1 Pressure & Power Piping

Coating Cylinder and Structural Components using highest quality paint systems.  The 100 foot long paint building incorporates the use of ventilation and environmental controls to limit contamination.  Painting per qualified procedures using SSPC standards.  

Cylinder rod, pin and bearing surface cladding depending on application requirements.  Typically the following mechanical or metallurgical processes are expertly used:

Hard Chrome | Nickel with Hard Chrome overlay |  Laser or Weld Cladding |  HVOF | Stellite & varying types of Tungsten Carbide | Stainless Steel layering | Superalloy Nickel-Chromium overlays

All wear contact surfaces polished and honed to appropriate finish to allow for proper wear of bearings and seals.

Swivel - Last Bit of Clad Post Assembly 2.jpg


Large Mechanical Structure Design-Build

INSYSMA will design any type of large mechanical structure.  Using a network of fabrication shops, our design-build capabilities are virtually limitless.  Shops that handle large fabrications are hard to come by, but we know them all. Typical applications:

  • Custom Gates or Doors
  • Custom Clevis and any type of Pinned Joints
  • Large Metal Fab Fixtures
  • Hydraulic or Electromechanical Press Mechanical Components
  • Test Stands and Fixtures
  • Custom Motor Mounts and Adapters
  • Custom Flanges
  • Custom Storage or Transport Trailers

Design Tools, Dynamic & Hydraulic System Modeling

INSYSMA utilizes contemporary design tools such as AutoDesk AutoCAD Inventor and Mechanical modeler.  When possible we provide clients with a full design technical data package.  This includes at a minimum all top level assembly drawings, parts drawings, Bill of Materials, and when required, comprehensive Analysis Reports.  

For Aerospace and Material Test clients, we can provide a numerical model of your entire mechanical system using Wolfram Alpha's Computational Analysis program.  Reports can by dynamic with parametric variables, graphics and charts embedded into PDF reports.

For applications that require complex non-linear analysis of bolted joints, shock spectra effects (Navy DDAM), or complex profiles that require solving differential equations INSYSMA utilizes Autodesk Nastran FEA software.