Navigation Lock Machinery

INSYSMA has complete system solutions for hydraulic lock systems.  Our expertise ranges from hydraulic linear or rotary cylinders to Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) driven mechanical actuators.  We work with a close network of suppliers and specialty machine shops, such as our partner and a leader in the Offshore industry, Maritime Hydraulic, to produce, test and coordinate site delivery.


MITER GATE Cylinders

Opens and closes via hydraulic pressure the Miter Gate sections.  Operates independently via Axis Motion Controller and HMI in control room.  Cylinders are usually mounted on a Cardanic Ring (Double-Gimbal Box), perched atop the lock wall, to allow for misalignments.  Clevis rod end attaches to a vertical pintle inside the gate structure.  All of our cylinders are carefully tested for many hours and have flawlessly executed proper mitering engagements in the field.  

Miter Gate Cylinders must be carefully designed to ensure perfect fit on Lock Rehabilitation Projects. 


Culvert Valve Cylinders

Usually very long cylinders that swing open and close the culvert valve, which is either a Vertical Lift, Conventional Tainter or Reverse Tainter design.  Culvert Valve Cylinders are often submerged underwater with silt and must operate in a vertical or a high angle mounting configuration.  Proper alignment of cylinders is necessary to avoid premature bearing wear, seal leakage and improper position sensor feedback.  Due to their potential length, and the inability for site operators to easily extract these cylinders for maintenance, INSYSMA incorporates long life, maintenance free design features. 



Used to mechanically lock Miter Gates in fully open as well as fully closed positions.  All stainless steel 316L, double hollow rod construction with subsea duty proximity switches.  INSYSMA developed this cylinder to operate specifically with the USACE 110' miter gates.  Latch Cylinders must endure long periods of submergence under harsh low pH and silt prone conditions.  We incorporate design features that are not only waterproof and corrosion proof, but also allow the cylinder to operate should upstream components fail.  We believe our Latch Cylinders are bulletproof for these reasons.

Mounts & Bearings

INSYSMA offers all types solutions for self-lubricating bushings.  Selection of bushing type, size, material and clearance is vital to ensuring long maintenance free lock operation.  Field measurement, proper GD&T and factory fit-up are essential when replacing trunnion bushings on Lock Rehabilitation projects.

INSYSMA design's all bushings in-house.  Bushings are fabricated per our specification as units are furnished with dimensional inspection reports.

Please contact our engineering department for application assistance.  We can usually answer your questions in sufficient detail real-time. 

Bronze Bushing Mount


Hydraulic Power Systems

INSYSMA designs flexible and modular HPU's at any size.  We have a network of OEM & distributor partners to provide components.  We can design HPU & piping layout as well as valve manifold and header design.  Pump-motor groups as well as orifice sizing is referenced against NFPA industry standards as well as manufacturer guidelines.  Our engineers also have a deep understanding of hydraulic proportional and servo-proportional system design.  This includes electronic controls, feedback loops and machine safety.  

Lock Hydraulic Machinery is inherently difficult to both operate and maintain due to the fact that the actuators are so far away on the Lock wall from the actual HPUs.  Design of HPU and piping requires careful attention to pressure drops, diameter sizes, fluid conditioning and fluid temperature management.

All of our HPU's are furnished with documentation that includes O&M manuals as well as spares lists.  Most components are COTS.


Navigation Lock Machinery Hydraulic Subsystems Include:

  • Submersible actuators and electronics housings.
  • High Quality Finishes to survive in harsh freshwater environments.  This includes SSPC-SP16 blast and various 3 part marine grade epoxy systems such as a zinc rich primer and moisture cure urethane.
  • Careful attention to seal and bearing design.  The use of modern rod ingression seal systems to prevent leakage into rivers.  Temperature ranges from -65 to 250F.
  • Use of non-sheening Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants, such as Polyalkylene Glycol hydraulic fluids.
  • Highly repeatable and accurate position measurement technology.
  • Instrument quality stainless steel pressure and temperature transmitters.
  • Hydraulic Power Systems – Stainless Steel Reservoir skid mounted motor-pump units.  Proportional control and safety counterbalance manifolds.  With proper fluid conditioning equipment to guard against the deleterious effects of water ingression.
  • A variety of gimbal and trunnion mounting structures as well as rod end clevis attachments.
  • Premium efficiency washdown-duty or tropicalized VFD Sever Duty AC Motors.
  • Comprehensive drawing and end item data packages